Where does Lucky Cement capacity stand after current expansion?

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Where does Lucky Cement capacity stand after current expansion?

Lucky Cement, in a notification to PSX on Thursday, announced that it will increase its clinker production capacity in Samawah(Iraq) by adding a new production line of 1.82MTPS(million tons per annum).

The expansion is being done to keep up with the pace of economic activity in the country and secure clinker supply for the company’s operations in Iraq.

The project is expected to commence by September 2023 and be completed by March 2025.

Total Capacity

Lucky Cement’s local and international capacities, if we include the most recent expansion announced, are now as under:

Lucky Cement LimitedPezu, Lakki Marwat10.25Fully integrated cement plant
Lucky Cement LimitedKarachi5.05Fully integrated cement plant
Nyumba Ya AkibaDR Congo1.31Fully integrated cement plant
Al-Mabrooka Cement CompanyBasra, Iraq1.74Cement grinding plant
Najmat-Al-SamawahSamawah Iraq1.31Fully integrated cement plant
Najmat-Al-SamawahSamawah, Iraq1.82(2025)New clinker line
Total capacity clinker and cement21.48
Source: Lucky Cement material information announcement 18/05/2023

Lucky Cement, which is already the largest cement manufacturer in Pakistan, continues to lead the industry. Over the past few years, the company has diversified its portfolio of businesses and now owns businesses involved in automobiles, chemicals and agri sciences, mobile phone assembling and energy.

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