Dividend Schedule

Note: This page does NOT show which companies have announced a dividend. It only lists those payouts that were previously announced and have been credited to shareholders.

For a list of future dividends, please visit the Book Closures page.

Are you waiting for a dividend and don’t know if the company has credited it to shareholders or not? If yes, use this table to check if the payouts announced by companies have been credited.

In general, it can take 3-4 days for companies to credit dividends to all shareholders. Therefore, wait for a few days after the dividend credit announcement and if you still haven’t received the dividend, contact the registrar of the company.

SymbolPayoutCredited On
ALTN15% Final Cash Dividend16-Apr-2024
SCBPL25% Final Cash Dividend16-Apr-2024
BOK15% Final Cash Dividend16-Apr-2024
ATIL30% Final Cash Dividend15-Apr-2024
AKBL25% Final Cash Dividend09-Apr-2024
BIPL10% Final Cash Dividend09-Apr-2024
BOP10% Final Cash Dividend05-Apr-2024
EFUL105% Final Cash Dividend05-Apr-2024
MEBL80% Final Cash Dividend05-Apr-2024
MIRKS42.9572% Right Shares04-Apr-2024
ABL40% Final Cash Dividend04-Apr-2024
HBL40% Final Cash Dividend04-Apr-2024
EPCL10% Final Cash Dividend03-Apr-2024
EPCLPS6.7% Final Cash Dividend03-Apr-2024
HMB55% Final Cash Dividend03-Apr-2024
FFC41% Final Cash Dividend03-Apr-2024
EPQL15% Final Cash Dividend02-Apr-2024
EFUG55% Final Cash Dividend02-Apr-2024
EFERT80% Final Cash Dividend01-Apr-2024
MCB90% Final Cash Dividend01-Apr-2024
FFBL10% Final Cash Dividend28-Mar-2024
BAFL50% Final Cash Dividend27-Mar-2024
OGDC25% Interim Cash Dividend22-Mar-2024
IMAGE75% Right Shares22-Mar-2024
KAPCO45% Interim Cash Dividend22-Mar-2024
AGP25% Final Cash Dividend21-Mar-2024
PNSC100% Interim Cash Dividend21-Mar-2024
UBL110% Final Cash Dividend21-Mar-2024
NICL10% Interim Cash Dividend21-Mar-2024
MTL250% Interim Cash Dividend20-Mar-2024
PIOC50% Interim Cash Dividend20-Mar-2024
PPL25% Interim Cash Dividend20-Mar-2024
NATF30% Interim Cash Dividend19-Mar-2024
STYLERS10% Interim Cash Dividend19-Mar-2024
THALL40% Interim Cash Dividend19-Mar-2024
SNBL30% Final Cash Dividend18-Mar-2024
INDU132% Interim Cash Dividend15-Mar-2024
PHDl30% Interim Cash Dividend15-Mar-2024
ICL10% Interim Cash Dividend15-Mar-2024
CSAP20% Interim Cash Dividend15-Mar-2024
BWCL60% Interim Cash Dividend14-Mar-2024
MUREB80% Interim Cash Dividend14-Mar-2024
SEPL25% Interim Cash Dividend14-Mar-2024
HUBC40% Interim Cash Dividend11-Mar-2024
DYNO150% Interim Cash Dividend11-Mar-2024
FABL20% Final Cash Dividend08-Mar-2024
ILP20% Interim Cash Dividend07-Mar-2024
NPL25% Interim Cash Dividend07-Mar-2024
CHCC15% Interim Cash Dividend07-Mar-2024
BAHL50% Final Cash Dividend06-Mar-2024
CHAS50% Final Cash Dividend06-Mar-2024
JSGBETF11.084% Final Cash Dividend05-Mar-2024
CPPL10% Interim Cash Dividend05-Mar-2024
POL250% Interim Cash Dividend01-Mar-2024
APL100% Interim Cash Dividend29-Feb-2024
ACPL25% Interim Cash Dividend29-Feb-2024
ATRL25% Interim Cash Dividend28-Feb-2024
MCBIM35% Interim Cash Dividend28-Feb-2024
INIL20% Interim Cash Dividend23-Feb-2024
MRNS10% Interim Cash Dividend23-Feb-2024
SURC10% Bonus Shares22-Feb-2024
TCORP25% Right Issue22-Feb-2024
ISL25% Interim Cash Dividend22-Feb-2024
AIRLINK20% Interim Cash Dividend22-Feb-2024
COLG225% Interim Cash Dividend21-Feb-2024
LCI270% Interim Cash Dividend19-Feb-2024
BWHL50% Interim Cash Dividend16-Feb-2024
GATI41.7052% Right Issue15-Feb-2024
ADAMS35% Final Cash Dividend13-Feb-2024
JDWS150% Final Cash Dividend12-Feb-2024
TICL50% Final Cash Dividend12-Feb-2024
AABS60% Final Cash Dividend12-Feb-2024
MARI980% Interim Cash Dividend12-Feb-2024
HABSM120% Final Cash Dividend2-Feb-2024
PHDL30% Interim Cash Dividend1-Feb-2024
TCORPCPS20% Final Cash Dividend31-Jan-2024