Stock returns since IMF announcement – Power Sector

Power Sector has been in the news lately after the government released a part of the payments it owed to...

Microsoft increases dividend by 10%

Microsoft Corporation (MSFT) has recently announced a significant adjustment in its dividend policy, whereby it will raise its quarterly dividend...

US stocks fall after FED meeting

The Fed minutes revealed that several Federal Reserve officials are still concerned that with inflation remaining well above its target...

EFERT vs MEBL – Comparing dividend yield and dividend growth

While the initial income from EFERT was higher, the steady growth of dividends in MEBL led to a significantly larger...

5 reasons why EPS is not a good measure for stock analysis

The P/E ratio is a widely used metric for stock valuation. It gets highlighted in the news and is sometimes...
Cement Sector PSX

A beginner’s guide to understanding businesses in the cement sector

We will discuss the cyclical nature of the industry, cost competitiveness, transportation challenges, raw material choices, and the significance of...
Unappropriated Retained Earnings

What are unappropriated retained earnings and why they matter?

Unappropriated retained earnings are those profits that have NOT been set aside by the board of directors for any specific...
10 factors to consider when evaluating company management

10 factors to consider when evaluating company management

In my search for finding companies with the best management, I came across 10 different criteria for evaluating management that...

Where does Lucky Cement capacity stand after current expansion?

Lucky Cement, in a notification to PSX on Thursday, announced that it will increase its clinker production capacity in Samawah(Iraq)...

George Soros’ Fund sells entire Tesla stake

Soros Management Fund, an investment management fund that has showcased stellar returns for over half a century, just announced that...
Apple Inc logo

Apple Inc. now worth more than the entire Russell 2000!

Apple Inc. (AAPL:US) achieved another milestone on Monday as it continues to go higher and higher. Its market cap has...

Why market timing is a bad idea?

Your chance of missing out on the ‘best’ days of the year increasesIt is time-consumingHard to keep emotions outTerry Smith...
AGTL Income Statement 2

Al-Ghazi Tractors Limited (AGTL) – Income Statement

AGTL Income Statement
balance sheet guide

Balance Sheet – A beginner’s guide

A brief explanation of each item found on the balance sheet of a company.
cash flow statement

Cash Flow Statement – A beginner’s guide

A brief explanation of each item found on the cash flow statement of a company.