SYM partners with UAE based Codebase Technologies

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SYM partners with UAE based Codebase Technologies

In a notification sent to pSX on 20/05/2024, Symmetry Group (SYM) has announced the driving business growth with investment in digital solutions for ease to customers.

Symmetry Group is excited to announce that it has entered into a referral partner agreement with Codebase Technologies. UAE based Codebase Technologies is a Global Open API Banking solutions provider that enables banks and financial institutions (both Conventional and Islamic) as well as the emerging FinTech ecosystem to demystify digital financial services. This partnership will enable Symmetry Group to deliver cutting-edge digital financial services that will drive growth and enhance the customer experience. The collaboration will strengthen company’s product suite for the financial industry and is expected to generate significant revenues.

SYM shares were last trading at Rs. 3.72 today.

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