Stock returns since IMF announcement – Power Sector

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Stock returns since IMF announcement – Power Sector

Power Sector has been in the news lately after the government released a part of the payments it owed to companies in the sector. The speculation around the eventual dividend caused a lot of shares’ prices to skyrocket, giving traders and speculators handsome returns.

Power Sector since IMF announcements

As is always the case in the stock market, it is not easy to predict share price movements or payouts. The same was the case here.

Two companies, Lalpir Power Limited(LPL) and PAKGEN Power Limited(PKGP) each announced a Rs. 15 dividend, further fueling the speculation. However, only LPL was able to give sustainable returns of 81% to the shareholders. PKGP shareholders were only able to get a paltry 7.5% return.

SymbolNameStarting Price (3rd July)Last CloseDiv(Rs.)Total Gain (Rs.)% Gain (%)
LPLLalpir Power Limited16.0714.121513.0581.21%
NPLNishat Power Limited17.9823.983950.06%
ALTNAltern Energy Limited14.513.234.73.4323.66%
KAPCOKot Addu Power Company Limited22.1526.2204.0718.37%
HUBCHub Power Company Limited74.883.4208.6211.52%
NCPLNishat Chunian Power Limited17.8619.301.448.06%
PKGPPAKGEN Power Limited43.932.2153.37.52%
EPQLEngro Powergen Qadirpur Limited23.9922.351.5-0.14-0.58%
SPWLSaif Power Limited18.416.771.29-0.34-1.85%
Source: PSX

NPL has surprised many as even after announcing a lower than expected dividend, it has been able to sustain its price, giving investors 50% returns since July.

EPQL and SPWL have been disappointing and despite both giving a small dividend, their shareholders are down since the start of July.

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