JS InvestPro Review

JS InvestPro Review
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JS InvestPro Review

JS InvestPro is powered by JS Global, a leading stock broker for PSX in Pakistan.

The JS InvestPro app can be downloaded on the following links:

JS InvestPro app: Overview

JS InvestPro provides a great investing experience through its app. You can not only buy and sell shares using the JS app, but can also view research reports, market depth, and many other features that are often missing in other brokers’ apps.

You can even use real-time candle-stick charting with indicators within the app. It also offers a virtual demo trading account for PSX.

One of the major problems that people face when working in the PSX is the lack of an online app that makes trading easier. In a world where apps like Binance and Robinhood have revolutionized trading, PSX brokers still have a long way to go in offering decent apps for trading.

But JS InvestPro, offered by JS Global, is one step in that direction. In this review, we look in detail at what the app offers and what its interface looks like. Let’s dive in.


The JS InvestPro app’s homepage is quite user-friendly. It lists the KSE100 index on the homepage together with its chart as shown below. You can change the chart settings and switch to the candlestick view. Change the timeframe to your liking from the bottom of the chart.

JS InvestPro Home

The app then goes on to show data like market leaders, gainers, and losers. This data is shown by both price and percentage. The leaders refers to market leaders by volume.


The JS InvestPro menu can be accessed by tapping on the menu at the top right corner. Here is what the menu looks like:

JS InvestPro menu

You can access several options through this menu. For example, you can switch between the real and demo accounts, contact customer support, access the research portal, and view your account statement among many other options.

Individual stock data

The app allows you to access detailed stock data in great detail. This is beneficial for people who carry out their research on PSX stocks using the smartphone only.

Let us look at how the app displays the data related to Hub Power Company(HUBC).


You can view the market depth as well. This is useful for those placing orders through the app. Many brokers do not provide this data within their app which makes JS InvestPro stand out among its peers in PSX.

Market Depth

The details of the company can be accessed through the About page:


Fundamental analysis is an integral part of stock picking. And JS InvestPro offers this service right inside the app. You can view all the important ratios and company metrics on this page.


Technical analysts also have a lot to be excited about. They can view pivot points, moving averages, RSI, and many other such data points right within the app.


The income statement and balance sheet are both viewable within the app. One can view this at both quarterly and annual levels.

If you’re just interested in the news related to your specific stock, then you can view that through the stock’s individual page. The last option in the menu takes you to the news as shown here:

stock news


All the news related to the Pakistan economy and PSX can be accessed by tapping on ‘News’ on the bottom menu.


Portfolio Holdings

You can view your portfolio holdings by tapping on ‘Account’ from the bottom menu.

portfolio holdings

You can also view your account statement from this page.

You can use this area of the app to deposit and withdraw funds.

This is how the withdraw funds page looks like:

withdraw funds

Research Portal

The JS InvestPro app has a dedicated research portal which gives you access to all the research reports published by JS Global as well as many other tools.

This is how the main interface of the research portal looks like:

JS InvestPro research portal

The JS InvestPro research portal gives you access to the research reports published by the JS Global brokerage house:


Add your favourite stocks to your watchlist and access the watchlist anytime through the quick access menu at the bottom of the page.



Order logs are also easily accessible through the JS InvestPro app. This includes the outstanding log, trade log, and activity log among others.


Order Placement

One of the best things about the JS InvestPro app is that it shows the market depth right where you want to place the order. This saves valuable time and people can place their orders at the exact price they want without having to leave the page.

Order Placement

Stock Screener

JS Stock Screener

JS InvestPro Virtual Demo Account

The best thing about the JS InvestPro app is that it also offers a free virtual demo account for PSX. You can use this demo account to test new trading and investing strategies.

psx demo account

Real-time funds transfer

The JS InvestPro app claims to offer real-time funds transfer. You can do this using the following menu:

withdraw funds

That’s all for the JS InvestPro review from us. We will be covering more reviews soon.

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Comments (3)

  • Detravo Reply

    Not bad. Looks similar to the AHL app.

    March 22, 2024 at 8:13 pm
  • Anonymous Reply

    What is its commission structure.
    Do they have mobile app and if yes do the mobile app has MBO & MPO.

    February 14, 2024 at 1:29 pm
    • KSEStocks Reviews Reply

      We do not have the commission structure at the moment. We will add it to the review when we have it.
      The MBO and MBP are available in the app on the buy/sell screen.

      February 14, 2024 at 2:36 pm

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